Lecture notes
Department of Architecture, Cornell University

ARCH 2614/5614 Building Technology I: Materials and Methods

Jonathan Ochshorn

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Overview, systems, Masterformat, Uniformat

Fire safety overview, sprinklers, fire areas, construction types and occupancy

Area calculations and examples

Mixed occupancies, barriers, and assemblies



Sustainability: an introduction

Materials - Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing

Building security and communications systems

Overview of technical documents and specifications

Technical documentation: working drawings (in-class case study)

Overview of structure, enclosure, and building systems

Control layers

Movement, joints, and flashing

Sealant joints

Wall sections: foundations

Wall sections: brick/stone veneer

Wall sections: Curtain walls and glazing systems

Wall sections: Precast and metal panels and EIFS

Roofing: steep-slope and low-slope

Large-scale views of conveying systems (elevators, escalators) and stairs

Schedules and interior finishes

Plumbing and electrical systems