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Critique of Milstein Hall: Nonstructural failure

Jonathan Ochshorn


Nonstructural failure contents: 1. introduction | 2. water and thermal control | 3. sloppy or dysfunctional details | 4. dangerous details | 5. maintenance issues | 6. cracks
tentative book cover design for OMA's Milstein Hall by Jonathan Ochshorn

My book, OMA's Milstein Hall: A Case Study of Architectural Failure, has been published. Much of the material formerly included in these "Milstein Critique" webpages has been removed from these pages and incorporated in the book. Some supplementary material remains on these webpages — primarily videos and links to related documents.

6. Cracks

Figure 4. Video (1 minute long) by J. Ochshorn shows cracks in the brick wall of E. SIbley Hall due to underpinning of its foundations in order to excavate the foundation of Milstein Hall (video shot February, 2012; can also be viewed directly on YouTube).

Figure 8. Video (3.5 minute long) by J. Ochshorn describes the possible interrelationship of guardrail glass shattering and concrete spalling at the intersection of the Milstein Hall loading dock and a reinforced concrete retaining wall (video shot May, 2015; can also be viewed directly on YouTube).