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Critique of Milstein Hall: Fire Safety

Jonathan Ochshorn


Fire safety contents: 1. introduction | 2. floor area limit | 3. fire barrier | 4. crit room egress | 5. Sibley egress | 6. mezzanine | 7. Rand occupancy | 8. conclusions | 9. summary and appeal | 10. variance application

This analysis of Cornell's variance application — to place the Fine Arts Library in noncompliant space in Rand Hall — is an excerpt from comments that I sent to the New York State Division of Code Enforcement and Administration (DCEA) on October 10, 2013. The complete document, along with Cornell's Variance Application, can be viewed/downloaded as follows:
Cornell's application for a variance: screen resolution pdf 7.5 MB or print resolution pdf 43.1 MB
Ochshorn comments on Cornell's application for a variance: screen resolution pdf 493 KB or print resolution pdf 750 KB
Ochshorn comments on Review Board ruling granting variance: Nov. 23, 2013 blog post

tentative book cover design for OMA's Milstein Hall by Jonathan Ochshorn

My book, OMA's Milstein Hall: A Case Study of Architectural Failure, has been published. Much of the material formerly included in these "Milstein Critique" webpages has been removed from these pages and incorporated in the book. Some supplementary material remains on these webpages — primarily videos and links to related documents.

10. Comments on Cornell's Application for a Variance

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