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ARCH 2615 ARCH 2615 Practice Prelim 3 (Reinforced concrete columns and T-beams)

Jonathan Ochshorn


Reinforced concrete column design | T-beam design | Distributed loads and moment values for T-beams

Directions: Enter values in yellow fields.

Press "update" button. Solutions will be displayed. (Based on ASD method, AISC Manual of Steel Construction, 14th Edition. More detailed explanations and examples can be found in my text.) There will also be short-answer questions and/or sketches on the prelim, not included in this calculator.

1. Reinforced concrete column design (20 points): A square column (tied or spiral) supports a specified design (factored) load, Pu = 1.2D + 1.6L. From Table A-5.5, α and φ are given.

a) Find required steel area, As; b) Select the specified number of rebars from Table A-5.2; c) Check steel ratio; d) Check bar fit from Table A-5.3.

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