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Department of Architecture, Cornell University

ARCH 2614-5614 Building Technology I: Materials & Methods

Fall 2020

Jonathan Ochshorn

Assignment 8: Low-slope roof plan showing drainage

Issued Nov. 30, 2020
Due Dec. 7, 2020, 3:00 pm (upload PDF to canvas)


aerial view of Milstein Hall, Cornell
image source

There is not much slope for roof drainage on Milstein Hall, probably because of height constraints imposed by its intersection with Sibley Hall. It's possible that this lack of adequate slope contributed to problems with leakage. Design and draw a schematic roof drainage plan for Milstein's green roof, with the following assumptions:

  1. Use a minimum slope of 1/4 inch per foot.

  2. Use only roof drains (rather than roof drains and gutters).

  3. Place all roof drains along the primary north-south lines of structure.

  4. Draw lines from corners of edges at highest elevations to roof drains—thereby outlining the edges of each sloping plane—and draw an arrow in each plane in a downward direction toward the roof drain. See roof plan example in the lecture notes or the part of the roof plan below marked with a yellow tone.

  5. Label the high-point elevation as HP = 30'-0" TOS ("top of slab") and label the roof drain (R.D.) elevations based on your calculation of how much vertical distance is required to achieve a slope of 1/4" per 1'-0". Show these calculations somewhere on the page.

  6. It is not necessary (or useful) to show the circular geometry of the plantings, but you should show the skylights!

aerial view of Milstein Hall, Cornell
Milstein Hall Roof Plan: Click on image to enlarge


Format the assignment on any size sheet listed in the NCS, with a border and title block following the NCS guidelines.

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