Structural Elements
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Structural Elements for Architects and Builders, Third Edition

Jonathan Ochshorn


Electronic (PDF) text and online web version are always up-to-date. Find links to the latest low-cost paperback and to the free PDF or web versions here.

Paperback errata are listed below according to print edition revision numbers (e.g., Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.), which are indicated on the copyright page. The latest paperback version 3.3 was uploaded Feb. 6, 2021, and is available as of Feb. 7, 2021.

Version 3.0 (as first published Sept. 9, 2020): Errata include all entries below:

p.14 Example 1.4. Add "Problem solution" subheading.

p.23 Change the expression, "P1 and P2 = P" to "P1 + P2 = P."

p.23 Figure 1.47. Add "B" to beam diagram (and remove the stray "B" from the same page)

p.27 In the expression "R/2 to –R/2," the letter "R" should be italicized.

p.29 Equation for σ = P/A needs number: add (1.15)

p.40 Remove equation designation (1.8) from top of page.

p.45 (3rd line of 1st full paragraph) Replace "structrural" with "structural."

p.48 Appendix Table A-1.3: Delete "w" after note 1 in table heading.

p.71 (6th line of 1st full paragraph after Example 2.7) replace "thatn" with "than."

p.74 Appendix Table A-2.1B. Under "Floor-Ceiling components," lower the numbers 4.0 and 8.0 one line so that they align with "Mechanical duct allowance" (4.0) and Steel stud partition allowance (8.0)

p.76 Appendix Table 2.5C: All values of 40.0 should be changed to 40.0.

p.90 (1st line in 2nd full paragraph): Replace "moiture" with "moisture."

p.95 (last line in last paragraph): Replace "structrural" with "structural."

p.98 Example 3.1. Replace "Solution definition" with "Problem definition" and replace "Problem overview" with "Solution overview."

p.208 Example 4.5. Replace "Problem overview" with "Solution overview."

p.216 Example 4.8. Replace "Problem overview" with "Solution overview."

p.223 Appendix Table A-4.1: Delete the line breaks for the first category ("Carbon") between A36 and A500 Gr.B; between 36 and 42; and between 58 and 58.

p.235 Appendix Table A-4.5: The parameter x should have an "overline," as it does in the diagram at the top of the table.

p.237 Appendix Table A-4.6: In the top row of the table, to the right of the HSS diagram, the phrase "as HSS H × B × t, where:" should appear immediately below "Cross-sectional dimensions appear in designation."

p.239 Appendix Table A-4.7: In the top row of the table, to the right of the HSS diagram, the phrase "as HSS H × t, where:" should appear immediately below "Cross-sectional dimensions appear in designation."

p.321 Appendix Table A-5.8: At the end of Note 2, replace "keyed notes" with "Part d."

p.325 Appendix Table A-5.9 Part d: The section titled "Minimum steel ratio for negative-moment determinate T-beams (e.g., precast sections and cantilevers)" should be changed as follows:
   For b / bw ≥ 2, ρmin = 0.00667(bw / b) for fc' = 3 or 4 ksi; and ρmin = 0.00708(bw / b) for fc' = 5 ksi.
   For b / bw < 2, ρmin = 0.00333 for fc' = 3 or 4 ksi; and ρmin = 0.00354 for fc' = 5 ksi.

p.329 Unity abbreviations and conversion: In middle column of "Conversions from SI (International system) to inch-pound units," change "1 N-m = 8.8450 in-lb" to "1 N-m = 8.850 in-lb."

Version 3.1 (as revised Nov. 15, 2020): Errata include all entries below:

p.164 Appendix Table A-3.17: Values for "T – E" should be changed as shown in the corrected table below:

Table A-3.17: Selected lag screw (lag bolt) dimensions

dimensions of lag screw
L (in.)D (in.)Dr (in.)T (in.)TE (in.)E (in.)

Version 3.2 (as revised Dec. 31, 2020): Errata include all entries below:

p.2 Figure 1.5: "Vertical" dimensions of 30'-0" should be changed to 20'-0" as shown in the revised figure below (circled in red).
revised Figure 1.5

Version 3.3 (as revised Feb. 6, 2021): Errata include all entries below:

No known errors.