Milstein Hall construction videos

Jonathan Ochshorn


fountainhead-influenced movie trailer for Milstein Hall
Milstein Hall "trailer"
part 1-getting ready image
1. Getting Ready
part 2-substructure image
2. Substructure
part 3-slabs image
3. Slabs
part 4-concrete image
4. Concrete
part 5-steel image
5. Steel
part 6-dome image
6. Dome
part 7-studio floor image
7. Studio Floor
part 8-curtain wall image
8. Curtain Wall
part 9-stone & soffit image
9. Stone & Soffit
part 10-green roof image
10. Green Roof
Should Cornell Buildings be LEED-certified image
11. Milstein and LEED
image of demolition to create Milstein Hall's new Crit Room exit
12. New Crit Room Exit

Milstein Hall at Cornell University, designed by Rem Koolhaas and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), was constructed by the following managers, consultants, and subcontractors:

Construction Manager: Welliver | Steel Subcontractor: Canatal Industries Inc. | Landscaping Subcontractor: Cayuga Landscape Co Inc. | Roofing Subcontractor: Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. | Aluminum Door/Window Sub.: Clayton B. Obersheimer | Curtainwall Design: Curtainwall Design Consulting | Sprinkler/Fire Prot.Sub.: Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Co | IAQ Consultant: Horizon Engineering Assoc LLP | Drywall Subcontractor: John C. Lowery, Inc. | General Conditions Sub: Kris B. Kimmel Construction Drafting Inc. | Painting Subcontractor: KSP Painting of Syracuse | General Trades Subcontractor: LeChase Const Serv LLC | Sitework Subcontractor: Paolangeli Contractor | Mechanical Subcontractor: Postler & Jaeckle Corp. | Waterproofing Subcontractor: Raymond E Kelley, Inc. | CM Subcontractors: Retterer & Sons Cleaning Service | Elevator Subcontractor: Schindler Elevator Corp. | Electrical Subcontractor: Schuler-Haas Electric Corp. | Professional Surveyor Services: T G Miller PC | Concrete Subcontractor: The Pike Company, Inc. | Miscelaneous Metals Sub.: Titchener Iron Works | Masonry Subcontractor: Welliver | Site Fencing Subcontractor: Whitmore Fence Company

More on Milstein Hall: see the Cornell and OMA (Rem Koolhaas) web sites.

Notes on video production: These low-tech, informal videos were shot entirely with a hand-held, low-resolution Flip video camcorder. Three types of software were used to process and supplement the video clips: PhotoShop for still images and image manipulation; GarageBand for intro sound effects and narration; and Final Cut Express for video editing.