Building technology calculators
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Building technology calculators

Jonathan Ochshorn


IBC 2015 Allowable Area Calculator: Revised: Calculates allowable areas, heights, and stories after entering values for occupancy class, construction type, sprinklers, and proposed number of stories.

Efficiency of tapered insulation calculator: Calculates the true efficiency of tapered roof insulation assemblies. A roof heat loss calculator based on the true efficiency of tapered insulation is also available.

IBC 2012 Hole in floor calculator: Calculates the viability of placing a hole in a building floor, based on the 2012 International Building Code (IBC). A more detailed discussion of the topic is also available. Also see the 2009 IBC version.

Sealant joint width calculator: Calculates the minimum width of a sealant joint based on panel length, material properties, temperature ranges, structural and moisture movement, and assumed tolerances.