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So Long (Is All I Can Say)

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I first got the idea for this song in the mid 1980s, but only composed a small part of the lyric and music. This first complete version was finally written in May 2010 and recorded on GarageBand software in June 2010 (then remixed using Logic Pro X in 2018). I play all instruments — GarageBand piano, organ, bass and drums played on my midi keyboard, plus harmonica (with electric guitar played through the GarageBand "amp").

So Long (Is All I Can Say)
Words and music © 2010 Jonathan Ochshorn

1. Something's wrong
Seems like you've been crying too long
Don't ask me I don't have a clue
There's nothing to explain

I don't know
Maybe it's just the way things go
There's little else that I can do
I can't take away your pain

[Chorus] So long is all I can say
Now that it's over
So long there ain't no other way
There ain't no other way

2. Nothing's right
Everything we say seems trite
Your smile has given way to sorrow
Blue skies have turned grey

I can't tell
Maybe we should scream and yell
But the sun will rise again tomorrow
And I'll still be on my way [Chorus]

[Instrumental half verse] [Chorus]

[Bridge] Stay strong nothing can remain
So bleak so long

3. Dry your tears
Wipe away those foolish fears
Cause something's happening tonight
To set your spirit free

Nothing's changed
Maybe just a few things have been rearranged
There'll be someone to hold you tight
It just won't be me [Chorus][Chorus]

Production notes:
Song was arranged, produced, and recorded on Garageband software by J. Ochshorn. All instruments and vocals by J. Ochshorn. Instruments include some software instruments (e.g., drums and bass) played live on a midi keyboard by J. Ochshorn.
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, June 2010; remixed in 2018.