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Ran Through My Mind

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This is a live recording (with some additional instruments and vocals added later), made in March 2008, of song written by J. Ochshorn circa 1980. Videographer: Susan Schwartz. Note: the original video was posted to YouTube March 16, 2008; this is a re-compression at higher resolution.

Ran Through My Mind
Words and music © circa 1980 J. Ochshorn

1. I heard from a friend that you were back in town
Things weren't quite what you expected
I never thought I'd see you in the lost and found
Looking so tired and rejected

I guess there's a lot of things we never said
That left our spirits disconnected
There's only so much you can work out in bed
If other feelings are neglected

And it ran through my mind that you might want to see a friend
Someone who used to hold you tight
Yes it ran through my mind that you might be willing to try again
Swallow your pride
I'll run to your side again

2. I heard you were married to an engineer
At first you felt so well-protected
He said there was nothing that you had to fear
Nothing that couldn't be corrected

But then you began to feel some misery
And he just seemed so unaffected
He said that your life was what it had to be
And nothing more could be expected


[Instrumental verse, chorus]

[Repeat first verse and chorus]

Production notes:
Song was arranged, produced, and recorded on Garageband software by J. Ochshorn. All instruments and vocals by J. Ochshorn. Instruments include some software instruments (e.g., drums and bass) played live on a midi keyboard by J. Ochshorn.
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, March 2008; re-mixed in 2018.