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Mister Nobody

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I wrote this song (with lyrics supplied by daughter Jennie) in 2007. It was recorded on GarageBand in 2008, then more recently redone with brother Kurt on lead guitar (also helping out with the new GarageBand mix).

Mister nobody
Words and music © 2007 Jonathan and Jennie Ochshorn

1. Hey Mister Nobody, whatcha lookin at
Is it my big ears or my saggy baby fat
You're living on the inside but the door stays locked

2. Hey Mister Nobody how's it feel to lose
Cause i've got no roof and there's holes inside my shoes
The pain is hard for you sometimes it never stops

[Chorus] I'm staring through the window
I see you look inside
For some forbidden clue as if you ever knew
The one you left behind

[Bridge] Mister Nobody, Mister Nobody
Listen can you hear me calling
Don't let those fools change your intuition
Of that bitter night

3. Hey Mister Nobody what's the reason why
Why you try so hard to hide all the demons in your eyes
The truth is in the open not yet covered by the lies [Chorus]

[Chorus and fade out]

Production notes:
Song was arranged, produced, and recorded on Garageband software by J. Ochshorn. All instruments and vocals by J. Ochshorn, except for lead guitar played by Kurt Ochshorn. Instruments include some software instruments (e.g., drums and bass) played live on a midi keyboard by J. Ochshorn.
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, September 2010.