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I Keep Writing the Same Song

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I've often noticed that certain songwriters seem to write about the same thing over and over again — one example that comes to mind is Paul McCartney with numerous versions of the idea expressed most famously in his song, "Yesterday" (e.g., in "I'm Looking Through You" and "The Night Before"). Certainly some painters stay on the same theme for years. I also noticed that I have the same tendency, and so wrote this song to talk about the phenomenon.

I Keep Writing the Same Song
Words and music © 2012 J. Ochshorn

1. Some writers seem to write
A hundred different themes
They find a different light
Reflected from a hundred different dreams

2. Some singers sing about
The changes in their heart
First their love is not in doubt
But then it seems that all their dreams just fall apart

[Chorus] I keep writing the same song
I keep lighting the same light
I keep righting the same wrong
Fighting the same fight

I keep painting the same scenes
I've been at it for so long
Not quite sure what it all means
I keep writing the same song

3. Some actors find a way
To challenge and explore
The parts they choose to play
Are nothing like the ones they played before [Chorus]

[Bridge] I know they say we should live and learn
And come clean every time
But like a thief who gets away I still return
To the scene of the crime

[Instrumental verse][Chorus][Bridge]

4. Nothing I say is new
Can't seem to turn the page
I can't change my point of view
And exit from this endless war I wage. [chorus]

Production notes:
Song was arranged, produced, and recorded on Logic Pro software by J. Ochshorn. All instruments and vocals by J. Ochshorn. Instruments include some software instruments (e.g., drums and bass) played live on a midi keyboard by J. Ochshorn.
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, December 2012.