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Between the Lines

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This is a song about communication, or really about difficulties in communication that arise when things are left unsaid or are misrepresented. I originally recorded the song with guitar, piano, bass, and drums, but then — one by one — deleted those instruments, leaving just me and my acoustic guitar (plus some background vocals).

Video shot entirely with a low-resolution Flip Camcorder, and edited on Final Cut Express by J. Ochshorn.

Between the Lines
Words and music © 2014 J. Ochshorn

1. i thought i knew a lot about you
what you're wishing and how you move in space
where your phone is when it's missing
from its normal resting place

2. i guess it's really not that simple
the plot's not unraveled and much remains unsaid
like a road that's rarely traveled
like a story half unread

(no no no) don't make me guess
(whoa whoa whoa) what's on your mind
i can't find the meaning in your symbols and your signs
don't make me read between the lines

3. what's the point of this interrogation
when nothing's been proven with your third degree
you just seem to keep on moving
in and out of misery [chorus]

please don't make me jump to these conclusions
or search for sense in your allusions
it's hard for me to deal with these confusions

4. so i'm looking for a point of entry
unencumbered to a different mode
show me how your password's numbered
tell me how to break the code [chorus]

Production notes:
Music arranged and produced by J. Ochshorn*
Recorded with Logic Pro 9 software
Vocals: J. Ochshorn
Real instruments: J. Ochshorn (acoustic guitar)
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, Dec., 2014, with most of the mix and a few seconds of new guitar recorded at brother Kurt's house in Brooklyn, NY Dec., 2014, and with the final mix completed in Ithaca, NY, Jan. 2015.

* Thanks to brother Kurt for help with the mix.