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I wrote this song sometime around 1981; the original March 2010 recording and video consist of live vocal and keyboards (using GarageBand for the music; and Flip camcorder into Final Cut Express for the video) with some overdubbed background vocals and a touch of GarageBand "strings" played on the same midi keyboard. I remixed the song on Logic Pro X in 2018; this is the re-published video with the new mix.

Words and music © 1981 J. Ochshorn

1. Anyone could try to teach you what you need
What you need to know
And anyone could try to reach you deep inside
Deep inside your soul

[chorus] Anyone, anyone who loves you so
Girl like i do
Anywhere, anywhere you go
I'll be there too

2. Anyone could try to please you give you things
You never had before
Anyone anyone who sees you couldn't help
But want to please you more [chorus]

[bridge] Anyone who really wants you
Wouldn't let you go
You could see it in his eyes
If he really needs you so
Anyone could say they really love you
But I'm the one who's always thinking of you

[instrumental verse] [bridge]

3. Anyone could satisfy you keep you happy
Each and every day
Anyone would never tie you down girl
Or stand in your way [chorus 2x]

Production notes:
Music arranged and produced by J. Ochshorn
Recorded with GarageBand software
Vocals: J. Ochshorn
Real instruments: J. Ochshorn
Software instruments played live on midi keyboard: J. Ochshorn
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, March, 2010.
Remixed in 2018 using Logic Pro X.