OMA's Milstein Hall
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OMA's Milstein Hall: A Case Study of Architectural Failure

Jonathan Ochshorn


Electronic (PDF and ePub) text and online web version are always up-to-date. Find links to the latest low-cost paperback and to the free PDF/ePub or web versions here.

Paperback errata are listed below according to print edition revision numbers (e.g., Version 1.0, 1.1, etc.), which are indicated on the copyright page. The latest paperback version 1.1 was uploaded May 13, 2024, and is available as of May 15, 2024.

Version 1.1 (as revised May 13, 2024): Errata include all entries below:

p. 141. Replace "includes" with "include" in the sentence: "I use this term to includes things like sloppy detailing and inattention to functional considerations."

Version 1.0 (as first published Sept. 27, 2023): Errata include all entries below:

p. 7. Move the "Sunken Garden" number key (19) from the ground floor plan to the basement plan.

p. 38. Add end parenthesis after "(since it prevents both floor area and wall area from being used productively)."

p. 92. Remove hyphen from "atrium-culture" in the sentence: "And not only that, this atrium-culture fosters complacency and destroys our ability to think..."

p. 92. Replace "uncovered" with "unenclosed" in the sentence: "So it's possible that this ideological posturing had some influence on the decision to leave Milstein Hall's arcade unconditioned, uncovered, and—most importantly—without any formal or functional references to the despised prototype of the atrium/mall."

p. 116. "Milstein Hall is then placed precisely at the intersection of these two zones, symbolically forming a linchpin or connecting structure—a '[a] contiguous, multi-layer system of buildings and plazas'…" [delete the extra "a"]

p. 145. In the text, change "fig. 9.3 top" to "fig. 9.3 left"; change "fig. 9.3 bottom" to "fig. 9.3 right"; change "fig. 9.5 top" to "fig. 9.5 left"; and change "fig. 9.5 bottom" to "fig. 9.5 right." Note that the figures themselves are labeled correctly.

p. 271. "…discussed in the Commentary to the IBC." [add the word, "the"]

p. 344. Correct "corridor-to room air transfer" by adding hyphen: "corridor-to-room air transfer."