OMA's Milstein Hall: A Case Study of Architectural Failure
Jonathan Ochshorn

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book cover

Cover photo of Milstein Hall by Susan Schwartz.

All other photos, illustrations, and drawings (including any annotations, editing, and photoshopping) are by the author, including several images screen captured from videos created by the author, except as noted below:

Figures 0.2, 6.1, 7.2, 7.9, and 23.1 are based on Google satellite maps: Imagery ©2023 Google; Imagery ©2023 CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, New York GIS, USDA/FPAC/GEO, Map data ©2023 Google, edited and annotated by the author.

Figures 6.7, 7.1, 20.1, 20.2, and 20.6 are based on Google map data ©2023 Google, United States, edited and annotated by the author.

0.1   Topographic map from U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey (here), annotated by the author.

2.1   Drawn by the author—adapted from an image by Stewart Brand, How Buildings Learn, 13, which was, in turn, adapted from an image by Frank Duffy.

2.7   Photos (bottom left) of Broad Museum by Iwan Baan, courtesy of DS+R; image (bottom right), "Details of Suspended Ceiling Hung from Concrete Joisted Floor or Roof," from Ramsey & Sleeper, Architectural Graphic Standards, 1936 edition, used by permission of the publisher (J. Wiley & Sons).

3.1   Images (top left and top right) are based on office layouts shown in Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition, 11th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Hoboken, NJ: 2008), 310 (redrawn and edited by the author).

3.10   Images screen captured from Cornell's Milstein Hall website.

3.12   Drawn by the author (mechanical equipment adapted from the Milstein Hall mechanical working drawings).

5.8   Drawn by the author (adapted from Figure 4, "Site Analysis Entry," in the "Site Narrative" prepared by Tschapeller Architekt).

6.3   Public domain (post card).

6.14   Drawn by the author based on the Tooele City Gordon R. Hall Courthouse designed by MHTN Architects (2007).

6.19   Drawn by the author, reproduced from Ochshorn, Building Bad, 46.

8.1   Photo (top) by Lykantrop, creative commons (here).

10.22   Photo (bottom right) provided by an architecture student.

14.4   Image obtained from City of Ithaca (FOIL).

15.3   Image scanned from Figure 3B-3, "Model WS Specific Application Window Sprinklers Horizontal and Pendent Vertical Sidewall 5.6 K-Factor," TFP620, Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products, April 2011.

16.2   Photo from "AAP buzzes as hundreds of alumni, students, and faculty gather during Celebrate Milstein Hall," Cornell AAP News, website no longer available.

16.8   Drawn by author, based on "Moveable Wall Plans" contained in a 10 December 2010 email from Kim Cleveland of Accufab —"Experienced Metal Fabricators" in Ithaca, NY—to Ziad Shehab of OMA. Segmented arrow and dimensions representing the common path of egress travel were added by the author.

16.10   Drawn by the author based on Milstein Hall "Code and Life Safety Analysis" working drawings.

16.11   Drawn by the author based on Milstein Hall "Code and Life Safety Analysis" worming drawings.

18.1   Public domain (Cornell Alumni News, 1906).

20.3   Tompkins County bus map, annotated by the author.

20.9   Graph drawn by the author based on: "Climate Ithaca – New York," U.S. Climate Data, accessed June 26, 2023, at here.

21.1   Image (a) is drawn by the author; image (b) is a rotated fragment of a Wassily Kandinsky painting taken from "Jaune Rouge Bleu" (Yellow Red Blue), painted in 1925, accessed June 26, 2023 (public domain) here; image (c) is drawn by the author, derived from a stomach colon rectum diagram, accessed June 26, 2023, here.

26.1   Drawing, no longer available on Cornell's Milstein Hall website, has been edited by the author.

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