Art & Design
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Interactive flip book

Below is a flip book called "Playing guitar" that I made in December 1984 (and discovered in 2018). To control the flipping interactively, click at the top of the image in the box on the right, and drag down, then up, etc. Make sure the volume is on! (The interactive gif was created/coded by Rob Ochshorn, with kibitzing provided by his friend Katherine, September, 2018).

Jonathan Ochshorn's flip book from Dec. 1984 called 'Playing guitar' 

Childhood flip books

Back in 1966, when I was 14 years old, I made some flip books, which I recently discovered in a box in my attic. There were also some newer ones that I made in 1984. I made a video showing all of them, but also one gif animation, showing one example from Dec. 1966 called "Diver," which can be seen (over and over and over again) below:

Jonathan Ochshorn's flip book from Dec. 1966 called 'Diver'