Course Information: ARCH 2615
Department of Architecture, Cornell University

ARCH 2614/5614 Building Technology II: Structural Elements

Spring 2020

Jonathan Ochshorn

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Homework assignments, supplementary readings, and (digital) lecture notes

No. Issued Due* Topic Supplementary readings (text**) Assignment Solutions
1 Feb 4 Feb 11 Loads and wood columns (weeks 1–3) Dead and live loads, pp.67-73
Load combinations, pp.90-96
Wood properties and systems, pp.111-125
Intro to compression, pp.44-46
Wood columns, pp.133-139
Overview (with live load reduction)
Wood properties
Wood systems
Assign #1 Solutions to Assign #1
2 Feb 11 Feb 13
(not collected)
Wood beams and joists (weeks 4) Intro to bending, shear, and deflection, pp.46-56
Wood beams, pp.139-153 (neglect Example 3.7 glulam)
Assign #2 Solutions to Assign #2
3 Mar 3 Mar 10 Steel properties and systems; tension and compression (weeks 7-8) Steel properties and systems, pp.233-245
Steel tension, pp.245-252 (neglect Whitmore section and pin-connected plates)
Steel columns, pp.254-259
Steel properties and systems
Assign #3 Solutions to Assign #3
4 Mar 10 Mar 12
(not collected)
Steel beams (week 8) Steel beams, pp.259-274 (neglect laterally-unsupported or noncompact beams and block shear) Assign #4 Solutions to Assign #4
5 April 21 April 28 Reinf. conc. properties and systems; reinf. conc. columns Concrete properties and systems, pp.331-350
Concrete columns, pp.350-357
Concrete properties and systems
Assign #5 Solutions to Assign #5
6 Apr 28 Apr 30
(not collected)
Reinforced concrete moment values, T beams Concrete beams, pp.357-382 (neglect design of slabs, purely rectangular beams, and shear)
Concrete beams (pdf)
Assign #6 Solutions to Assign #6

* The three assignments that are collected must be submitted in class, on the dates listed. Any late assignment will not be accepted, and will result in an assignment grade of zero.
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